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Top Five! Filip Cristian Manda from Mark Twain International School in Romania

Kindness is probably the most important quality of all.

Today we would like to shine the spotlight on Filip Cristian Manda. His genuine positive attitude and enthusiasm for collaboration have made an impression on everyone in the Forum. Not only was he one of the Top Five Finishers, Filip also helped his team deliver one of the Top Five final projects. Moreover, his coach nominated him to be a BWB Pioneer - we hope he will inspire more teens to be like him.

Here is Filip's reflection on why he signed up and what he has learned:

"I would like to expand on my knowledge of Good Mental Health and Well-being, but also on my skills as a member of society: reflecting on self actions, communicating and socialising with friends, but also new people, and lastly, participating in a forum that is ONLINE and INTERNATIONAL! This is an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait for the experience!

Reflecting back to the areas I wanted to work on when I started this journey, I believe I have quite become more open-minded and not necessarily on those that I thought I would have! Sure, I have become a more comfortable public speaker, but I actually became so much closer with the people I corresponded with, than I had imagined. I let my fears go from time to time and for that I thank everyone that kept in touch with me throughout the forum!"

Click here to see Filip's video speech.

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