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Top 5! Four days until Award Ceremony

Today we will feature one of the Top Five Finishers: Yulia Kiryukhina from International School of Riga - Latvia. Congratulations! Yulia!

"(My favorite part of the Forum was) getting to meet and talk to people from all around the world! I absolutely loved making connections that will hopefully last beyond the end of this forum. But I also enjoyed doing copious amounts of research about completely different countries from my own and mostly finding differences between countries, but also recognizing how similar the problems in different countries can be. It was definitely something to think about. Organizing projects is a valuable skill that I have developed throughout this forum and will definitely utilize in my own projects at school and beyond school." ~ Yulia Kiryukhina.

Meaningful international connection, wide-range research, and organizational skills... these are important outcomes of the Forum but most of all, we have fun exploring ideas. We hope to see you in our next Forum!

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