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Top 5! Five days until Award Ceremony

Throughout the Forum, a few students have stood out for their ability to conduct effective research, for their dedication to think deeply, and for their positive attitude towards working across cultural and language barriers. Five days to go until we find out which team has the best proposal and which students are the most inspiring.

"My favorite part of the Forum was definitely every time I met with my teammates to talk and hold discussions about our countries, culture and our daily lifestyles. Besides all the research done individually, I recognized friendship and communication as the best way to learn about a particular country, so I choose the part where I meet my teammates. I learned a lot from them, made them my new friends and I want to thank you so much for that!" ~ Andrea Koleva, NOVA International Schools, Macedonia. Here is Andrea Koleva. Please join us in congratulating Andrea for being one of the Top Five. Good luck on November 21, Andrea!

Join us for the next Forum: Social Media for Global Good. Application closes in 5 days!

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