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Thrifting and Circular Economy

Spring cleaning is a big deal in our house this year because we are moving. The most popular item in our garage sale? The tumbling outdoor composter, which turns kitchen scrap into garden fertilizer.

Composter is a great tool in supporting the circular economy of responsible food production and consumption. But what about clothing? I have noticed that thrift shops have become a popular way of buying clothes in my area - many, many, MANY clothes that were worn once or twice have been donated to these thrift shops. Often these thrift shops are charities that give financial support to the needy. Shoppers can buy beautiful clothes at a fraction of their original price, and then donate the item back to the thrift shop after just a few wear. This process supports the circular economy in the fashion industry.

In our next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum, teens are invited to explore more ideas in the way that we clothe ourselves - how fashion impacts our identity, our values, our economy, and our environment - around the world. The deadline for application is coming up: March 22nd. How Do We Look? From Fast Fashion to Eco-Fashion

Let's figure out more ways to encourage a circular economy in the fashion industry!

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