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The Queen and I

Twenty-two years ago, I led a television production team to London and produced a show about the cultural influences of the United Kingdom overseas. Today, we honor Queen Elizabeth II's legacy as a symbol of stability in the British Monarchy. From imperialism to colonialism to globalization, the British Empire has had a tremendous influence around the world. Now, English is still the most spoken language, and the UK still offers some of the best educational institutions.

Meanwhile, let's recognize and support the call from United Nations Development Programm - that EVERYONE of us should have the right and the responsibility for shaping our joint future, and not just the Crown or a few world leaders.

This week, representatives of the United Nations are gathering in New York to discuss the issue of equity, quality and relevance of global education. From the statements of commitment from heads of states to solutions proposed by international scholars, the Transforming Education Summit held by the United Nations General Assembly promises to bring new energy and ideas to the world.

You are also invited to bring new energy and fresh ideas to the next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum. The Queen had a tremendous influence around the world, but the truth is: we ALL DO. Your role as an influencer starts now.

(Hosting "The World Network" television show in 1990.)

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