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The Most Impactful Businesses Chosen

In the Women and the Economy Online Forum, 10 teams of students from 26 countries gather to collaborate as equal global citizens. Together they took a close look at women-owned businesses featured on the microloan platform KIVA. Each team examined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in their assigned country when it comes to women and the economy. Through this process, each team will choose one business to support based on its potential ROI and social impact.

Below are some of their analyses. Please join us in wishing each team good luck!

"Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country, each group has its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage. Most ethnic tribes live in the hilly areas of the north and central highlands and face obstacles in access to essential resources such as education, capital, market, and agricultural land. If we provided a loan we are helping vulnerable groups by increasing their income. Also, we are helping preserve their way of life, traditions that have lasted for centuries."

Observed by Alexa Campos from Springmont Montessori School (USA/Argentina/Colombia) on Team B7 representing Vietnam. Her teammates are Abner Chen from Tsai Hsing Private High School (Taiwan), Megha Siripurapu from Lovejoy High School (USA) and Kiara Bartlett from Trinity College Senior (Australia). Their peer consultant from Vietnam is Doan Hoang Duong from BVIS Hanoi

“It is hard for many women in rural areas of Turkey to start and sustain their own businesses over such a long period of time, as they have limited access to education and may not have the skills and knowledge necessary to start and run successful businesses. However, Nediret is willing to overcome this struggle. She managed to graduate from high school, and her goal is to take the university exam this year to expand her knowledge and improve her skills.”

Observed by Davidoula Georgopoulou from Arsakeio High School of Ioannina (Greece) on Team A1 representing Turkey. Her teammates are Sophie Bremer from Goetheschule (Germany), Tiffeney Nyarko from Tema International (Ghana) and Anaavi Sharma from Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon (India). Their peer consultant from Turkey is Ayşe Betül Argın from Vali Muammer Güler Social Science High School.

"Nisreen is a strong refugee woman and she is a 47-year-old living with her family in Bethlehem, West Bank. She owns agricultural land and a plastic greenhouse, and she wants to plant vegetables and sell them in the market.... This loan helps Palestinian people, specifically those living in refugee camps throughout the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian refugee camps have inadequate infrastructure and don't receive the same basic services compared to other Palestinian territories." (KIVA)

Researched by Travis Paul from Lubiriss High School (Uganda) on Team A3 representing Palestine. His teammates are Pauline Schepke from Goetheschule Essen (Germany), Priya Agarwal from DRS International (India), Hoang Duong Doan from BVIS Hanoi (Vietnam). The peer consultants from Palestine are Tala Salameh from Ramallah Friends School, Nourel Filmon from Friends School and Rachelle Fellemon from Friends School.

.Join us in the next opportunity to speak up on global issues: Forum Interest Form is open.

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