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The Kind of Leadership We Want to See - BWB Club Spotlight on Towheed

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As news about G20, COP27, APEC and elections grab the headlines, we are mindful of the kind of leaders we wish to nurture at Buddies Without Borders.

Students who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities during their Forum experiences are invited to lead a BWB Club in their school. These students stand out because they have broader and kinder worldviews, they communicate thoughtfully; they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, and they are eager to take action.

We are proud to report that more than 20 BWB Clubs have been launched within the last two years - from Japan to Bolivia, from Ireland to New Zealand, teens are organizing local action projects to meet global goals everywhere.

Today we will spotlight the BWB Club at Towheed Iranian School in UAE, led by Harry Haghany, an IB student with an unyielding commitment to tackle Climate Change. Harry has created a website to coordinate a plastic bottle recycling initiative (, and he has recruited more than a dozen remarkable schoolmates to join him in pursuing a Local Action Project that promotes a more sustainable future, including Mobin Jannati, Eliyas Hassani, Anisa Shaban Pisheh, Alreza Noori, Pouya Mortezaei, Nami Manshaei, Hossein Joukarand, Arya Faraji, Saina Khoddami, Mahsa Hassani, Fatemeh Ghorbani, Shamim Zeraati, Ava Safarzadeh, Nima Khalvati, Saba Falah, Seyed Mohammad, Reza Mousavinezhad, Danial Abdali, Amirmohammad Mansourizadeh and more.

The UAE BWB Club has collaborated with other BWB Clubs in Taiwan, Jordan and beyond. They have also taken part in the weekly Global Chats examining the various perspectives on challenging topics such as "monarchy vs democracy," "animal testing," "universal income." etc. This year, the UAE BWB Club is planting trees to encourage plastic bottle recycling and organizing efforts to turn off lights in the classrooms when unused.

Click on the link to see their project. Let's applaud the UAE BWB Club's efforts to create a better world for all of us!

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