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The First Step Towards World Peace

For those of us who are lucky enough to receive an education, we learn about the world beyond our living space. But for those of us who are lucky enough to have international friends, we learn about the world beyond our education.

Often people say that education is the answer to our challenges, but I wonder if that is just the beginning. After all, learning about something and caring about something can lead to very different actions.

This is the founding philosophy of BWB Clubs. All club members are invited to have a conversation across the world each weekend, and we call it "Global Chats." This weekend, the Global Chats will be hosted by Uzoma Elekwachi, one of our very first Forum Coaches with a background from both USA and Nigeria.

Uzoma is a second-year student at the University of Virginia. She is pursuing an East Asian Studies major with a focus in Korea. Since high school, she has been very involved in global programs and social justice. She hopes to make a difference by making sure that everyone is heard because she believes that the first step to helping others is listening.

Uzoma is recently elected to be the 2022 Ambassador of Running Start, a nonpartisan non-profit political organization that motivates young women to be confident leaders and to run for office. Uzoma will be interviewing congresswomen in the USA and helping the program create promotional media to encourage young women around the world. (Gender Equality is the topic of our next Forum. The Interest Form is open.)

"Buddies Without Borders has helped me broaden my perspective and further my mission of service through advocacy. Through BWB I fully understood that changing the world does not wait at my doorstep. I need to put myself in someone else’s shoes even if those shoes are literally across seas, cultural boundaries, borders. I’ve learned that, to see what’s around me, I need to open the door and step out." ~ Uzoma Elekwachi

It is amazing to think that the first step towards world peace may be happening right here with our BWB Club members. Thank you to all Club members for speaking up and listening to each other, across the world.

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