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The Beginning of Wisdom. Today's Team Spotlight: Team Triumphant Tribe

Each Forum starts with a Landscape SWOT analysis. Students introduce their own country's situation and learn about the situation in others'. After the process of "knowing thyself," each team starts to jointly investigate the situation in their assigned country. Through the process of mapping out its strengths and weaknesses, they are able to identify where the threats and opportunities lie.

Today we will train our spotlight on Team Triumphant Tribe, which focused on the migration challenge and potential solutions in the United States of America. The teammates are:

  • Youssef Elkeblawy - Future International School (Egypt)

  • Lucas Machado - Coree International School (Brazil)

  • Asees Kanwar - Chirec International School (India)

  • Saunaq Chakrabarty - Amsterdam international community school (Netherlands)

What do they think is the main problem around the issue of migration in the USA? Click here to see the team's research and ideas. Good luck to Team Triumphant Tribe. The winning team will be announced on September 5.

People's Choice Award will be open for public voting on September 1, so please be sure to check in.

Next up: Green is the New Gold. Let's create wealth and health all over the world. Join our next Forum and chime in!

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