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Teens Are Rethinking The Best Way to Change the World

As conflicts continue in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar and beyond, it is crazy to think that humans are bringing this to ourselves, despite our ability to reason. The consequence of leaders forcing their own views on others via violence is nothing but poverty and hunger for all. No one wins.

The Creating a Kinder World online forum challenged teens around the world to rethink the best way to confront disagreements and manage conflicts. Please join me to see what they have learned through their own research and discussions. Here are four of the final presentations to share with you:

  • Parsa Haghani - Iran - Iranian Towheed School

  • Kingston Yu - Taiwan/USA - Pacific American School

  • Mrinalini Srivastava - India - Strawberry Fields High School

  • Youssef Hazem Hussein - Egypt - El Quds International School

  • Lila Little - New Zealand - Green Bay High School

  • Chanwoo Park - South Korea - Auckland International College

  • Raj S Baveje - America - Washington High School

  • Ayşe Nisa Palabıyıklı - Turkey - Vali Muammer Güler Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi

  • Gavin YU TZU-CHIEH - Taiwan- ROC - Tsai-Tsing

  • Le Thu Ngan - Vietnam - Hanoi Academy

  • Yusra Faheem - Pakistan and USA - GEMS International School Al Khail (non-contributing)

  • María Gracia Vásquez Vélez - Ecuador - Unidad Educativa Particular "Rosa de Jesús Cordero"

  • Lina Mohareb - Egypt - Future American School

  • Ayushi Jha - India - Chirec International School (non-contributing)

  • Maha Monfared - Iran - Towheed International School (non-contributing)

We hope the future will be in better hands. Sustainable peace can only be achieved via education, communication and kindness. Do you agree?

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