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Sustainable Fashion Industry - Case Study Partners for Green Jobs in the Green Economy

Pursuing a green economy is about doing well while doing good. Many of us also want to look good while doing good. “There is a growing enthusiasm among young individuals who are not only keen followers of the latest trends but are also deeply committed to making a positive impact on our planet.” Says Mina Kovacevic, a specialist in fashion brand marketing and business strategy.

On the cutting edge of the e-commerce platforms in the fashion industry with experiences at top brands including Louis Vuitton, Mina is a visionary force in the sustainable fashion industry. Her company MATT aligns brands with meaningful and purposeful practices across social, environmental, and economic dimensions. Through her MATT.Lime Program, Mina teaches young adults how to succeed in pursuing fashion careers and get the most out of the opportunities they get in order to be happy and proud of their achievements. Mina believes that ”innovative, eco-conscious practices can shape the fashion industry for the better.”

What are the trends, opportunities and challenges in the sustainable fashion industry? How can we look great and do better? We look forward to learning from Mina in the weeks to come.

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