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Sustainability on Campus by Students

Creating a sustainable environment is a hot topic right now - from big tech debates about renewable energy solutions to government policies on climate change, but everyone can do much to move the needle as well.

BWB Club students at Vali Muammer Guler Social Science High School in Turkey decided to tackle SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) this school year as their Local Action Project. The students decided to plant a flower garden in the schoolyard. They proposed the idea to the school administration, gathered the vegetable kitchen waste from the school cafeteria as fertilizer, and collected rainwater for irrigation. The results? A beautiful garden for all students to enjoy in the years to come. This little patch of green may seem like a small step in the movement of creating a sustainable future, but if all of us do a little, we can achieve much.

We would like to invite you to cast your vote for your favorite BWB Club. The best club, elected by your votes and evaluated by their participation in the BWB global connections throughout the year, will receive the 2024-2025 Club Scholarship. Please cast your vote by "liking" the club's endeavor in the People's Choice Award tab. Students have worked hard on their Year-End Report videos, so we encourage you to watch them all. You are welcome to vote for more than one club.

Teens are taking actions around the world. Don't wait until you grow up - it is time to step up.

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