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Step by Step We Change the World

It is often stressful and confusing when we start thinking about all that's needed to create a just, peaceful and sustainable future. It is even more so for young people who are at the same time trying to figure out their place in the world.

Our goal at GED is to make this process as fun and rewarding as possible for teens. We are lucky to count #Leadership Initiatives and #UNEP as our partners. A few days ago, we announced the next step opportunities for our Buddies Without Borders club members around the world: they can choose to learn professional skills in an online international internship program sponsored by Microsoft and Starbucks; they can choose to take on the UN My Sustainable Living Challenge to earn a UN certificate; they can take on the leadership position in initiating and implementing their own Local Action Projects to meet the Global Goals while connecting with like-minded students from more than 20 countries.

Please join us in acknowledging the young changemakers who are willing to take the next step in making themselves better global citizens, and in the process, making the world better for ALL of us.

A special shout-out to Marc Zavarro, Laura Astudillo Mesias, Xinzhi Li and Alejandra Gonzalez Muller!

Interested in Changing the World? Join Us in the Next Forum: Coexistence.  Application deadline is June 14th.

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