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Start With Why - So, Why Water?

As heat waves sweep across many countries, we are once again reminded of the fact that 1 out of 4 people on Earth are without access to safe, drinkable water - even if there is actually enough for all of us. From poverty to outbreaks of diseases to acts of violence, water scarcity cause so many hardships for so many people, it is crazy not to figure out why and how to get out of the avoidable crisis.

The participants in the AquaAlliance Online Forum are now preparing their Landscape Presentations in an attempt to explain what is going on in their assigned countries: Morocco, Japan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Ghana, USA and Germany:

Here are some of their whys:

“I thought that Germany was a country that wasn’t affected by problems like water shortages. … I actually live directly adjacent to a river that is affected by these limitations... These things are happening right beside me… to find out that I was unaware of this is unsettling, to say the least. However, as they say, it's better to learn late than never so I am relieved that I learned about this and encourage you to inform yourself as well.”

L. Szentivanyi

"... our country (Turkey) faces many challenges about water scarcity and works on finding solutions. What I believe is that we should raise awareness among citizens and take action urgently because water scarcity is not a joke. Without water we can't plant so we can't access many types of food, and we can't have clean homes or cities which would cause global epidemics." ~ N. Yılmaz

"Through this research, I understand the urgency of this issue, and how not preventing this in earlier stages can lead to disintegration of not only the economy and the people but the whole world’s functioning. Irrespective of various campaigns introduced we will never be able to reverse the pollution and extinction of water unless we as individuals contribute... assisting and protecting our scarce and essential resources such as water is the best contribution we can make to the world and the future generations." ~ H. Karunakaran

Are you experiencing any water scarcity in your community? Why is it happening and what should we do about it? We look forward to seeing what our young community leaders' presentations this weekend!

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