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Social Radio App - Wellness Ideas for Teens in Nigeria

When brainstorming ideas to improve wellness for teens in their assigned countries, the teams first had to examine what is available, what is working, and what is lacking.

Team Ahuike and Alafia (wellness ad peace in Nigeria) has found that even though there is a strong presence of church, family, and nonprofits, less than 10% of those battling mental health issues have access to mental healthcare.

The team came up with a creative idea of an App called Concert for teens by teens:

... (the podcast) would need to be something that parents have some involvement with but not are in control of. An idea we have for Nigeria is a social radio app as it can be run by teens and doesn't require much parental input while still giving teens comfort, support and a fun distraction.

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Bella Wright - Australia - Trinity College

  • Ruoxi (Jason) Wang - China - Saint Andrew's Episcopal School

  • Yeonseo Ha - South Korea - Branksome Hall Asia

  • Nikita Chacko - USA - Walton High School

  • Randy Charismiadji - Indonesia - Binus School Bekasi

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