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Sky Is the Limit - BWB Club at the Senior School, Nicosia, Cyprus

Buddies Without Borders Online Forums are about ideas and perspectives, but BWB Clubs fill in the gap between knowing and doing. BWB Clubs are lead by successful Forum alumni who are passionate about making a real impact. Changemakers are by nature proactive, but the club leaders at the Junior & Senior School are particularly ambitious in their scope of work.

Under the leadership of the four co-presidents (Iliana Skordi, Helen Zhu, Emily Kyriakides and Natalia Eleftheriou), the students have launched a Speaker Series featuring women scientists in STEM; promoted sustainability by creating a "milk carton" Christmas Tree; organized a book drive to donate to Makarios Children's Hospital; conducted yard sale to raise funds for Monadika Xamogela (a non-profit organisation which provides multidisciplinary therapy and support to children with rare genetic diseases), and more!

There is practically no limit to what these students can accomplish! A special thanks to the club moderator, Mrs. Irene Stavrou!

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