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Shouting Match Cannot Win the Debate... What Can?

Many of us have seen the alarming protests on college campuses in the USA over the Israel and Palestine conflict. According to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, more than 700 major protests have erupted in over 147 countries since 2017.

In our Buddies Without Borders global community, there are students in both the Israeli camp and the Palestinian camp, in both the Trump camp and the Biden camp, as well as in both the Taiwan camp and the China camp.

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr's "Strength to Love," we wonder how many protests today are more about shouting matches and manipulations, and less about justice and compassion. Everyone seems to worry about how polarization may lead to conflicts and wars, but isn't communication and collaboration the only way to avoid polarization?  

This summer, our Buddies Without Borders Online Forum is inviting our future leaders to think deeply about Coexistence. World War Three and civil wars everywhere can be avoided. Join us!

Application ends Friday, June 14th.

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