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Shedding Lights on a Greener Future - Destination Workshop from IE Unversity

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, from the roads we walk on to the cars we ride in, a greener economy calls for careful consideration from all parties involved, including the producers, the consumers, the policymakers, the analysts and the scientists.

After the Sustainable Lifestyle workshop by UNEP's Laura Astudillo Mesías, Michelle Bender, and Basak Sendogan, participants in the Green Jobs in the Green Economy Without Borders Online Forum will be hearing from the scientists' points of view this weekend.

Professor Juan Carlos Silva is the Academic Director of the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability from IE University. Professor Silva studied Geology in Colombia and Brazil - two of the most biodiverse countries in the world. He earned his PhD in Natural Sciences at the Universität Bern in Switzerland. As the head of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Sustainability at IE University, Professor Silva is excited to help future leaders see why sustainability is a must for human survival and what can we do about it.

Please join me in thanking IE University, Professor Silva and wishing all students the best of luck as they start creating their final deliverables - explaining the role and impact of their assigned industry in the green economy.

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