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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Since the launch of Destination Workshops, our intention has been to connect our program participants living in 20+ countries directly with university representatives. Through these Workshops, the students can ask questions about what it is like to study at that location; on subjects that are relevant to the SDGs they are passionate about, and what they need to do to apply if it is a right match. Then, as a cohort, our program participants can form a support network as they explore the world together.

We are honored to have held many valuable and informative workshops thus far, including the IE University in Spain, Forward University in Portugal / Netherlands / France, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis in the USA; with more to come in the coming weeks.

One of the staunchest supporters of the Workshop concept is Jacobs University in Germany. With students from more than 110 nations studying in an English-speaking, close-knit campus community, we have been impressed by the quality of their education as well as their spokespersons.

Last December, we heard from Kamilla Shagazatova who is in the STEM program at Jacobs. This Sunday, April 3rd, Paul Gramberg, will share his student life on campus majoring in Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology, a perfect topic for the Wellness Challenge for Teens Forum participants. (The deadline to apply for a full scholarship is tomorrow, April 1!)

Thank you, Paul, Kamila and Jacobs University, for helping our students to see how they can reach their full potential!​

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