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No Matter Who You Are, You Can Make a Difference

The BWB Club President at Goetheschule Essen School in Germany, Marlene Clara Walter, has a message for her peers: "No matter your gender, age, or religion, you can make a difference."

Marlene's "United Change Club" created synergy among the students and initiated several projects this year, including the school's first-ever Model UN Conference, Earth Day environmental clean-up, and international club meetups with BWB buddies in Cyprus, Ireland, and India. The club is also planning a project about recognizing fake news - how to distinguish between real and fake information. We look forward to seeing what they have to say.

We would like to invite you to cast your vote for your favorite BWB Club. The best club, elected by your votes and evaluated by their participation in the BWB global connections throughout the year, will receive the 2024-2025 Club Scholarship. Please cast your vote by "liking" the club's endeavor in the People's Choice Award tab. Students have worked hard on their Year-End Report videos, so we encourage you to watch them all. You are welcome to vote for more than one club.

Teens are taking action around the world. Don't wait until you grow up - no matter who you are, you CAN make a difference, right now.

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