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More Psychologists - Wellness Ideas for Teens in UK

When examining the wellness issues in the United Kingdom, Team "Bogna and the Chipmunks" has found that even though UK's National Health Service proposed to provide therapy and counseling free of charge, there is a severe shortage of psychologists due to the rising number of cases.

As a solution, the team recommends an Encouragement Program that incentivises students to become psychologists through schooling, job benefits, and public relations events:

By making psychology and mental health something readily spoken about from a young age in British culture, not only would more students be inclined to become professional psychologists- thereby creating a workforce ready to mend Britain’s mental health crisis, it would also create a new normal where youth grow up in an environment where their mental health needs are spoken about, met, and treated in an open and healthy way.

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Yasmeen Al-Qutob - Jordan - Amman National School

  • Angi Feng Wu - Dominican Republic - Saint George School

  • Nathaniel Wong - Switzerland - Institut Florimont

  • Amar Nour - Palestine - Ramallah Friends School

  • Mara Ioana Costache - Romania - Mark Twain International School

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