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Microloan For Women - Women and the Economy Forum Application Closes on March 10

The application for the Spring Forum Women and the Economy: The Best ROI of Humankind kicks into high gear this week with a new exciting element!

Not only will the successful participants receive leadership training (design and implement local action projects via BWB Clubs) and internship opportunities (sponsored by Microsoft and Starbucks via Leadership Initiatives), but the winning team will also pick a women-owned business on KIVA to receive a BWB microloan made by GED. The return on the investment will provide funding for BWB Global Action Project.

According to KIVA, access to capital is a huge challenge for women. With capital money, women can afford to send their children to school instead of keeping them at home to help the family business. With capital money, entrepreneurial women can pursue their dreams and become self-reliant. With capital money, women can have a say in the financial decision in their lives.

More than 80% of microloans on KIVA are for women in underserved communities. Through the Women and the Economy competition, we will challenge students to examine business proposals for the best returns, investigate gender issues across borders, and empower women to pursue a better future.

We are proud to be part of KIVA's community! Click on the image to read more about why solving the challenge of Women and the Economy is the best return on investment for humankind.

Soeurn of Cambodia used her loan to help provide low-income households with access to clean drinking water. (Credit:

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