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Deep, Wide AND Personal

More than half of the worlds' population is on social media. Its reach is wide, deep and personal. Should it be monitored? If so, who should set and enforce the rules? How does one differentiate facts, opinions and propaganda on social media? What is our responsibility when we suspect "fake" information?

This week, the participants of the Social Media for Global Good Online Forum are reflecting on the most notable social media stories they have read, exchanging points of view and asking each other thoughtful questions. The teams will be giving a briefing on the status of their assigned global goals on social media this Sunday.

Meta, the biggest company on the social media landscape, no doubt has a big role in our understanding of what is happening around the world. We are excited that Taylor Nelson, Head of Marketing & Communications, Education Modernization at Meta (formerly known as Facebook), will be one of our guest panelists.

Taylor is the head of Marketing & Communications for the Education Modernization team at Meta. She has spent her career working across sectors to advance access and equity for historically underrepresented communities primarily in education, the arts, tech, and travel. Taylor has had the honor of amplifying missions and initiatives she cares deeply about - from the White House in Washington, DC to Facebook in Silicon Valley. As the daughter of a flight attendant and a writer, she believes in the power of people and stories to unite us and broaden our perspective. Taylor received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and her Masters from Georgetown University.

Please join us to cheer on the teams as they investigate the most powerful communication tool of our time.

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