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Local Action Meets Global Goals - Changemakers in UAE

Yesterday I went for my daily walk in the neighborhood. As usual, within half an hour, I picked up and recycled about a dozen discarded cans and plastic bottles that littered the sidewalk and the park. It is incredulous that people would throw trash around and think that it is ok!

Across the ocean, students at the BWB Club in Tawheed Iranian School (UAE) are doing their part to clean up their environment. The Club President, Harry Haghany, reflected on their action:

"I look around myself and see many people not taking global warming seriously, and when you try to explain to them why it's important and why we should take action, they laugh at you. Such a shame, isn't it?
In my opinion, the people who take global warming lightly don't care about their children and the generations to come. Thankfully, there are people like you and me who care. Yes, you! You're reading this because you care about the global goals, and so do we. We, the non-IB BWB club members, show our care by recycling and reducing plastic bottle usage in order to build a better and sustainable future. You might think our work is futile and won't help reduce global warming. Well, you are mistaken because every little step counts, and if we all unite together, we'll be able to build the future we want for our children and the generations to come.”

Click on the link to see the Local Action Harry and his Club members accomplished this year. We are impressed and hopeful for the future! Join us to make the world a better place!

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