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Local Action Meets Global Goals - Changemakers in Japan

Two of my favorite things to listen to when I go for my morning jogs are: 1) News 2) Ted Talks.

However, a couple of days ago, the Ted Talks speaker I listened to actually advised me NOT to listen to news anymore for the sake of my mental health, because: A) news are usually about something bad, exaggerated and sensationalized to grab the audience's attention; and B) these are the same bad news that have gone on forever: political unrest, economic inequalities, human rights violation, bad weather, bad market, etc.

Obviously, this is not always the case and knowledge should be the base for any decision-making, but I wholeheartedly agree on two levels:

One: there is no need to be all worked up about the endless problems that are out of our control. Instead, decide if this is an issue I am willing and able to work on, then follow through with actions. It is so much better to work on one thing than to worry about a hundred things. This is the philosophy behind the Local Action Projects by the BWB Clubs.

Today, we are so proud to share what the students at Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School accomplished this school year: from organizing events for the local community kitchen to cleaning the local beach with residents, the Japanese students made a big difference locally and met many global goals, from good health and welling being to climate action.

(click on the image to view their presentation)

Two: there are always going to be people who disagree with us. Instead of trying to win debates on social media by shaming the other side and thus creating a bigger gap, a much more effective response would be to construct the world we want to see. Volunteer in a nonprofit, donate to a cause, bike to places, bring reusable bags when shopping, and, especially, vote. This is the mentality behind our next Forum topic: Be the Change: Creating a Kinder World.

We are the masters of our fate, and we are the architect of our reality. Join us!

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