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Local Action Meets Global Goal - Changemakers in Cyprus

Students who successfully demonstrated their leadership ability in the Buddies Without Borders Forums are nominated to apply to establish a BWB Club in their school. The club leaders at the Junior and Senior School in Cyprus has done great things this school year.

Here is the presentation of their local action, as reported by the club presidents Iliana Skordi and Emily Kyriakides:

"Conversation flourished on the abundant applications of Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Maria Terzi, an ex-Google Software Engineer, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Malloc, a Cypriot privacy start-up. Dr. Terzi eloquently spoke about the role her start-up will play, in monitoring and preventing spyware from recording or transmitting data without a device user knowing, in especially complex scenarios."

"It was our utmost honour to welcome the first Cypriot Analogue Astronaut, Eleni Charitonos to our school, who presented her inspiring journey to all Year 9 students, emphasizing the crucial role of women and girls in STEM. During the lecture, 100 students and staff members had the unique opportunity of gaining valuable knowledge on the constituent processes within an Analogue Mission, including details on living on a simulated Mars settlement in the volcanic grounds of Hawaii; Extra-Vehicular Activities with Rovers; experiments conducted that tested plant-growing possibilities as well as statistical modelling to monitor water supply; and, her pathway - including the obstacles she faced - to accelerating her astronautical career at the young age of 22!"

Please join us in congratulating Iliana and Emily for their job well done!

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