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Yes We Can - Reflection from International Education Week

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

I am honored to have been invited to be the keynote speaker at the first Annual International Education Week Mini-Conference at Florida State College at Jacksonville. What an energizing group at the Center of International Education under the leadership of Dr. Cynthia Robonson and Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz.

As I am sitting in the airport ready to return to my office near Washington DC, my heart is full of gratitude and encouragement for being part of the movement I am witnessing all over the world. I shared with our BWB Club student leaders during our monthly "Presidents' Briefing Around the World" how global education is being incorporated into the curriculum at the college level. Everyone is so excited - youth and educators alike are taking action to build connections and address global issues. From virtual exchange to global scholars, from global goals to local actions - there are so many ways to build on each other's strengths.

Yes, we can see! The next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum is here. Join us.

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