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Let's Welcome Mr. Gomes on Our Quest

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As we continue our quest for the kind of leaders we want to see in our joint future through forums, clubs and workshops, it is important that we keep the student body diverse. Just as important, we must keep our directors diverse so that we may move forward with a broader mindset. Today, we are proud to report that Mr. Valmir Gomes has decided to join our quest.

Mr. Valmir Gomes is an international educator and leader with experience in Brazil, China and the USA. He has worked as a humanities and technology teacher. In school leadership, he has worked as an Academic Dean, Student Dean and Principal and Educational Technology Specialist. He is currently working as an independent international educational consultant based in Latin America. Some of the companies he works with are PLUSSED+ and the Institute for Development Impact.

Mr. Gomes believes that education must be a global commitment. Ensuring that children are provided with the necessary environment and tools to truly grow regardless of where they are in the world is one of his strongest drives. Valmir brings a passion for cooperative learning, positive psychology and a strong belief that there is no better place than schools to have a positive impact in a life in both local and global communities:

"No child, or adult for that matter, is able to flourish if their mental health needs are not at the forefront of every decision made by adults. Creating an environment where children feel safe, supported and properly challenged is the foundation upon which learning takes place and no school should be open without attending to these tenets. In the absence of love, care, and attention to the child's holistic needs, we ensure they do not reach their full potential." ~ Valmir Gomes

I met Mr. Gomes during his last principal position at the Middle and Upper School Division of Whittle School & Studios in Washington, DC. Whittle had students participating in the forum from both their Shenzhen and DC campus. The experience generated one of our forum coaches today: Ms. Calla O'Neil, who is now a Freshman at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service:

"I would absolutely recommend it. BWB definitely changed my life in the sense that I have gotten to meet so many people that I never would have otherwise and it has opened my eyes to so many perspectives and challenges going on in other parts of the world. Personally, I loved hosting these discussions and planning our action projects." ~ Calla O'Neil

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Valmir Gomes. We look forward to identifying more future leaders from Latin America with Mr. Gomes' support and guidance in the years to come.

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