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Let's Think About Water This Summer

Yesterday, several top US chemical companies, including Dupont, Corteva, and potentially 3M, agreed to pay billions of dollars in the water contamination settlement lawsuit.

The rule of law has finally prevailed after years of investigation and will surely help set better standards for the future. However, worldwide there are many more water-related challenges that deserve our attention. Without intervention, safe water scarcity often leads to poor health, poverty, and even wars. Did you know that access to water can be weaponized?

To ensure a better future for all of us:

  • Humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF and CDC have organized WASH projects (Inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene) to provide clean water to underserved communities, including refugees.

  • Scientists and government agencies have launched desalination projects, researched air-to-water technology, and investigated better water reclamation systems to find ways to help diversify water supplies.

  • Consumer organizations have advocated for ways to recycle household water and monitor water waste, including taking shorter showers and using dirty dishwater in the gardens.

By thinking and working on the water crisis right now, we can avoid so many disasters down the road. What do you know about the water-related problems in your community? What do you think about the solutions that are being discussed around the world? This summer, let's appreciate the water we swim in and the beverage we enjoy by understanding the global water crisis. Global citizens aged 12-18 are invited to discuss with each other in the upcoming Buddies Without Borders Online Forum: AquaAlliance: Flood, Drought, or Pollution? Mobilizing Youth to Solve Water Crises. Application is open to those who want to work across nationalities and perspectives to create a better future for all of us.

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