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Kindness Challenge Kicks off Next Week!

Nowadays it is hard to be kind. Mass media is full of reports on violence and injustice; social media is full of images that either make us green with jealousy or red with anger.

Yet, we wonder why we can't just get along?

In just 7 days, teens around the world will come together to investigate, reflect and brainstorm ways they can initiate to create a kinder world. We asked the participants to introduce themselves by answering two questions: what changes do you want to see in the world? What changes do you want to see in yourself?

Today, we would like to share parts of the answers from two of the participants: Chiedza, a Zimbabwean who lives in South Korea, and Anisa, an Iranian who lives in UAE.


"A change I’d like to see in the world is the increase in learning world history in a more casual setting. So many internal and external prejudices, catastrophic events and worldwide atrocities happen due to people forgetting what has happened in the past. History helps not only to avoid repeating disasters, but can also lead to greater world empathy.... A change I‘d like to see in myself is to view service and philanthropy as something not just to “tick off the box” of high school requirements, but as something I can continue to adopt later on in life through advocacy, charity, and other good deeds."


"We need to have more acceptance for each other. The global issues we face today could be solved if everyone was willing to accept that people have differences. Sexism, racism, wars, murders, crimes, and much more. That is why I would like to see a little more acceptance in our society.... What are some goals I have for myself that I would like to achieve throughout this forum/in general? ... I will now strive to volunteer in group projects, especially those that require talking to an audience. I am also improving my communication skills in my relationships to better understand my family, friends, and new acquaintances."

We cannot wait to see what these compassionate future leaders will do in the coming months!

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