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Kicked Off! Day 1

Teens who are keenly aware of the power of social media gathered yesterday in the Social Media for Global Good Online Forum for the first time.

These passionate and inquisitive minds are gentlemen and ladies of 14-17 years old, from 18 countries, and speak about 5 different languages. About half of them have had positive experiences with social media: for example, some use it to find information for schoolwork, some use it for inspiration from celebrities they follow.

What they all agree on is the fact that social media is part of their reality, and that it is powerful, but we can choose how to use it to our advantage. After all, in the network of social media, we are all message creators and recipients, and we all play the role of gatekeeper. How do we choose wisely? What will we say? The participants will attempt to answer these questions in the coming weeks.

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