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Is It All in Our Heads?

This morning as I returned to work, a few updates popped up on my computer: 1) a 30-day quarantine in Hong Kong is causing trauma 2) a depressed mom crying for attention but refusing any advice 3) schools are in need of more counselors.

All these have one thing in common: we absolutely need to learn how to manage our mental health. After all, the more unpredictable the future is, the more uncontrollable the environment is, the more we need self-care. While our depressed selves don't want to be told what to do, we are even more stressed if our depressed children refuse our help. What to do?

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reported by CNN, here are the five ways adults can do: 1) take care of yourself so that you may care for your young ones, 2) find a trusted go-to person and schedule regular time to talk, 3) find out what the kids need in order to feel better, 4) look for a support group with similar worries, 5) stay flexible when finding the right way.

While these strategies from the experts are great, I wonder what the teens themselves think? What are their experiences and strategies when it comes to selfcare? After two years of covid and all the fuss from the adults around them, what have they learned in order to achieve mental health? What is their advice for each other?

Our next Forum will pose these questions to the teens themselves in the Good Health and Well-being for Teens Forum. There is no better way of learning than to reflect and articulate one's thoughts. We look forward to hearing and sharing what the teens have to say.

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