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International Internships for Global Student Leaders - Deadline June 19

After month-long collaborations across nationalities in the Buddies Without Borders Online Forums, successful participants are offered a chance to take on year-long international internships, learning from professionals, making impacts and changing lives. The next Forum is closing on June 19.

Please join me in congratulating the following global student leaders on successfully completing their internships in the school year 2021-2022 - thanks to Leadership Initiatives, Microsoft and Starbucks.

The International Business & Development Internship Team:

The students created a financial tracking system, advertising campaigns and business improvement process that are based on the needs of the community in Bauchi, Nigeria

The International Law & Advocacy Internship Team:

The students focused on the quality of education as a human rights issue in Nigeria. They crafted letters to the National Human Rights Commission, created workshops and awareness campaigns.

The International Public Health Internship Team:

The students conducted research on COVID-19's impact on Nigeria, designed public health awareness campaigns and created workshops to educate the community about the risks as prevention methods.

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