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How to See Our Blind Spots? Today's Team Spotlight: Team Viazi Elites

After each team agrees on the problem they want to solve, it is time for the Brainstorming Breakout Sessions. These are super helpful for the problem solvers to see their blind spots. Not only do students get to be as creative as possible, they also get to play the role of objective consultants and the role of devil's advocates for other teams, thus helping to unearth hidden problems and missing opportunities.

Today we will train our spotlight on Team Viazi Elites, which focused on the migration challenge and potential solutions in Uganda. The teammates are:

  • Mahi Singh - George Washington Academy (Morocco)

  • Patricia Herraiz-Cano - Los Sauces (Spain)

  • Thu Do - International School of Vietnam (Vietnam)

  • Anshu Gondi - Chirec International School (India)

To get more insight, Team Viazi Elites also interviewed Cianna Byekwaso, a fellow Forum participant who lives in Uganda. What ideas did they come up to solve the migration challenges in Uganda? Click here to see the team's research and ideas. Good luck to Team Viazi Elites. The winning team will be announced on September 5.

People's Choice Award will be open for public voting from September 1-4, so please be sure to check in on our Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Discord for a link to Survey Monkey and cast your vote!

Next up: Green is the New Gold. Let's create wealth and health all over the world. Join our next Forum and chime in!

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