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How Do We Know What We Know? Today's Team Spotlight: Team Alhayaa

Like it or not, we all live in bubbles. The newsfeeds on our devices, the text books we are tested on, the traditions passed on by our parents, and the trends among our peers - knowledge of the world (and thus our judgement) has been formed without us even noticing.

The Forum participants earn points by asking how do we know what we know? They start with an opinion supported by their source of information, then they research opposing opinions and evidence that support those opinions, and finally they wrap up the line of inquiry with a new question for their fellow Forum participants. Students read each other's research and put forward more questions based on what they have found at the opposite ends of the world.

Today we will train our spotlight on Team Alhayaa, which focused on the migration challenge and potential solutions in UAE. The teammates are (picture shown below includes Forum mates Lucas Machaco from Brazil and Asees Kanwar from India):

  • Moustafa Habib allah - Future international school (Egypt)

  • Noella Horo - Singapore International Sschool (India)

  • Rodrigo Fernández ParraLos Sauces (Spain)

  • Yuvraj Dhir - Strawberry Fields High School (India)

To get more insight, the team also interviewed Harry Haghani, a Forum alumni, who is currently living in UAE. Click here to see the team's research and ideas. Good luck to Team Alhayaa. The winning team will be announced on September 5.

Meanwhile, you will get to vote for your favorite team to receive the People's Choice Award! Public voting will be from September 1 - 4. Stay tuned.

Next up: Green is the New Gold. Let's create wealth and health all over the world. Join our next Forum and chime in!

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