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High School Internship - A Chance to Shine

Apart from making friends around the world and practicing English writing and public speaking, one of the benefits of participating in the Buddies Without Borders Online Forums is the chance of winning year-long internships managed by Leadership Initiatives and funded by Microsoft, Starbucks and now Amazon.

Yes - these are the big brands behind these life-changing internship projects. Funding is necessary to sustain any projects, especially projects that are philanthropic in nature. That's why the students are right now learning the skills required to conduct fundraising. Please click on each of the links below to see what the students are working on, and how you can help to change lives:

  • Iliana Skordi - Junior & Senior School - Cyprus

  • Nicole Chain - St. Andrew's School - Bolivia

  • Pablo Andrés de Castilla - St. Andrew's School - Bolivia

  • Camila Crespo - St. Andrew's School - Bolivia

  • Cianna Byewkaso - Kabojja International School - Uganda

  • Carla Monfort - Los Sauces European School - Spain

  • Gabriela Laorden - Los Sauces European School - Spain

  • Jenny McCord - Villiers School - Ireland

  • Vaishnavi Viswannathan - Chirec International School - India

  • Anastasia Zhuzhova - Amsterdam International Community School - Netherlands

  • Joanna Bertilla - Sekolah Global Indo-Asia - Indonesia

International Business & Development Internship (link to come)

  • Noella Horo - SIS - India

  • Rohan Kumar - Wheeler High School - USA

  • Joy Yang - Tais Hsing High School - Taiwan

  • Danika Naidoo - Waitakere College - New Zealand

  • Camila Valda Estremadoyro - Saint Andrew's School - Bolivia

Your chance to earn your internship is here. Join us for the Green is the New Gold Business Concept Competition. Application Deadline: September 17.

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