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Healthcare for All - Vote for Your Favorite Idea!

It is often said that “without health, we have nothing.”  Indeed, for anyone to achieve their full potential, good health is fundamental.  Having access to sufficient healthcare seems to be a basic human right that benefits the whole community.  However, vast differences in people’s environments, resources, and social statuses affect the choices available to them.

Who Will Take Care of Us: Access to Healthcare Buddies Without Borders Online Forum wrapped up today after seven weeks of collaboration among teens across the world. Students had to conquer time zones and cultural differences to reach a common proposal.

Each team was assigned a country to research the successes and challenges of its public health system. Through comparison and brainstorming, students worked as equal global citizens to propose ways to make the system more equitable and sustainable.  

While our panelists review the top-scoring team's proposals, you are invited to vote for your favorite team in the People's Choice Award category. Please visit the "Vote for Your Favorite Idea" page and see all ideas across the globe. Consider these ideas based on their creativity, equality and sustainability. Cast your vote by "liking" your favorite proposal. The voting is open until Friday, March 8th at noon Eastern Standard Time.


Update: Next opportunity to make friends around the world and brainstorm solutions for our common good: From Fast Fashion to Eco-Fashion. Join us!

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