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Happy Teens Website Design Challenge

Did you know that even though the standards of living have improved dramatically in human history, the quality of life has not? In fact, according to a 2021 research published by WHO, one in seven teenagers experiences a mental disorder such as anxiety and depression which may lead to lingering problems into their adulthood if not addressed. Happiness for teens is elusive, hard to define and harder to improve.

From mindfulness to goal setting, from gratitude journaling to advisory chats, from internship opportunities to time management workshops - what do teens in your community need in order to achieve happiness? What does happiness look like to teens in your community?

Our next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum will challenge teens around the world to define “happiness” from their own perspective, research local resources and organizations that are available to them, then create an aggregator website with creative original content to offer the information to teens in their community in an engaging and creative way.

Students can join this self-development website design competition as a team or as an individual (if so, we will put you into a team). Students will make friends all over the world, hone their web development and communication skills, and ultimately reflect on what makes them happy and how to take control in achieving happiness from the inside out.

School teachers or administrators are welcome to organize delegations as well. We look forward to working with you! Click here for the Project Plan and Application Link.

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