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Green is the New Gold - Winners to Be Announced Tomorrow

If anything, COVID-19 teaches us to respect nature more. As the travel industry grapples with how to recover from the standstill caused by the pandemic, ecotourism is no doubt going to be the key moving forward to allow us to continue exploring the world, enable developing countries to continue growing their economy and creating jobs.

From Ecotourism, Agritourism to Adventure Tourism, Green is the New Gold challenges students to brainstorm business ideas for some of the most beautiful developing and under-developed countries that can benefit from increased tourism. But most of all, no one can solve the world's problems alone. Cooperation is a learned skill, not a given. Today we share the reflection from Lina Nikolovska, one of the Top Five Finishers.

"(My favorite part of the forum was) that I was able to meet Bryaana Bulan and Fernando and get to know so many different people from around the world that have common interests as me. It was really fulfilling to see how international students from all over the world got together and produced a coherent and interesting plan." ~ Lina Nikolovska, Nova International Schools, Macedonia.

Let's wish all the competitors good luck tomorrow when we hear the results from the Panelists. The prizes include internships and a BWB Club presidency, which can serve as a stage for the students to turn their ideas into reality. Join us for the next Forum - the Interest Form for the February Forum - Good Health and Well-Being for Teens is now open.

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