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Green Economy Forum Application Due on September 8 (Evoletric on Board!)

Buddies Without Borders Online Forums are about connecting classrooms with real-world challenges. In a few weeks, we will train our eyes on Green Jobs in the Green Economy. What kind of skills and competencies are required to help build a greener future?

The deadline to submit your application is September 8. Click on the link to see the project description.

One of the sectors we want to focus on is clean energy. We are extremely excited to have Jakson Alvarez, the Co-Founder/Co-CEO at Evolectric, join us as one of the teams' Case Study Partners:

Evolectric is a California-based technology company specializing in electrified transportation and battery technologies. Evolectric’s offerings encompass purpose-built vehicle and battery solutions that advance global e-mobility through rapid prototyping and standardized products. We are committed to reducing global carbon emissions and promoting circular economy principles. Our key focus is developing and deploying modular software and hardware that renews the life of existing commercial vehicles on the road by transforming them to 100% electric.

Let's be part of the green economy. Join us!

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