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Great Expectations - Women and the Economy Forum Kicked off with Teens in 26 Countries

Ten teams of students from around the globe gathered on Saturday, April 1st, to discuss the influence of gender inequality on the economy and to take a close look at women-owned businesses in various parts of the world.

To understand how each of us comes with different perspectives, the students started their inquiries by reflecting on gender equality issues within their own countries. From Uganda to Germany, from Taiwan to Peru, students from 26 countries shared what they have witnessed and experienced. Here are a few excerpts from student representatives from India, Vietnam and the USA:

“Gender Inequality is a persistent issue in India. Even after considerable economic, environmental and political growth in India, deep-rooted issues like gender discrimination continue to exist. [...]” ~ Anaavi Sharma

“Gender equality remains a cause of worry in Vietnam today. Although policies have been implemented, and certain results have been obtained [...] gender inequality persists and impedes society's optimal development. [...] In comparison to men, women are not valued and evaluated fairly. In terms of politics and society, the proportion of women in management and leadership positions remains low. [...]” ~ Hoang Duong Doan

“Gender equality is an issue that, although it has many opponents and strict cultures trying to oppress it, has a notable presence in the United States. Depending on which state you live in, the presence can sometimes be more or less severe, although it can still be serious regardless. In many cases, women are not taken seriously, mocked, harassed, or even assaulted for their role in any industry.” ~ Mahdia Arshad

As Dr. Teta Banks, our kick-off speaker, said in her opening remarks: "Yes, there are challenges ahead, but together, we have great expectations and great determination to change the paradigm, from inequality to equality, from suppression to progression, and from trials to triumphs."

With the comparative approach and the common vision, the students will work across borders in multinational teams to create marketing plans to support their chosen women-owned business which will receive a modest financial investment from Global Education Destinations.

Please join us in expecting amazing things to come from these young changemakers in the coming weeks.

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