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Strength in Organization - BWB Club Spotlight on BINUS School Simprug, Indonesia

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

During Buddies Without Borders Online Forums, we investigate how global challenges manifest differently in various countries across the world. In BWB Clubs, students take charge to make progress in their own backyards.

Bringing a team together after school hours, managing competing priorities and opinions, and motivating everyone to stay on track is a huge undertaking. Under the leadership of Club President Alessandra Corine T. Silapan and Club Moderator Mr. Tommy Mangoendaan, the Binus BWB Club in Indonesia has organized itself into six divisions:

  • Documentation Division (Loretta, Naura, Kevin)

  • External Communication Division (Armand, Alia, Maxxene, Allrua, Michelle)

  • Fundraising Division (Alia, James, Calvin, Salim, Axel)

  • Marketing Division (Haneta, Adna, Jaden, Atreya, Travasya)

  • Creative Division (Gaby, Jeremy, Corine, Sharon)

  • Tech/Web Development Division (Catherine, Seline, Shlok, Sukrit)

These disciplined changemakers have created a Local Action Project Plan focusing on launching an App to incentivize and encourage the usage of public transportation in Jarkarta, thus reducing energy consumption and air pollution in the nation's capital. From interviewing local NGOs to conducting garage sales for fundraising, this team of students is thoughtful and passionate - what a pleasure to watch!

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