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From Thinking to Learning, From Doing to Serving

The process of becoming a global citizen is a journey of finding our paths to making the world a better place.

Students who decide to explore beyond their classrooms join the month-long Buddies Without Borders Online Forums, typically at the age of around 15 (grade 9). Successful Forum participants are then invited to join BWB Clubs to conduct year-round global conversations and local action projects, typically at the age of around 16 (grade 10).

During grades 11 and 12, while serving as the BWB Club advisors, those who demonstrated their commitment to making a difference in their community while sharing perspectives with their global buddies may take on international internships and fellowships to work with professionals and clients.

We are proud to partner with Lauren Schmidt, a social entrepreneur and found of A Tree That Grows, to provide an international fellowship opportunity to a deserving student.

Lauren Schmidt, MSW is a social entrepreneur and founder of A Tree That Grows, where she helps build the next generation of teen social entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of Columbia University, a member of the Association of International Educators & is a learning partner with the Association of International Schools in Africa.

She has over a decade of experience working with international students and has lived in Tanzania for 10 years working as a Dean of Students and working on international development projects funded by Oxfam and HIVOS.

Lauren currently helps students share their unique impact in essays as an App Mentor at Crimson Education, resulting in acceptance at Havard, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Duke, Brown, Georgetown, John Hopkins, UC Berkeley, UCLA and many more schools.

She also has supported Volunteer Fellows through at A Tree That Grows share their global impact projects to over 7 different countries, with projects including a Youth Entrepreneurship Network and a Global Book Review. Each of the projects supports marginalized communities & improves access to social services.

She’s passionate about helping students take their stories, strength and passion and transforming them into impact projects that help them stand out on college applications and also deepen their purpose and joy.

Thank you! Lauren!

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