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From Participating to Leading to Coaching

Updated: Jun 22

To award the students who succeed academically in the Forums, we invite them to lead BWB Clubs in their schools. To award the club members who follow through with their local action projects and global connections, we award them with international internships. To award the interns who deliver successfully to their clients, we award them with part-time jobs as Forum Team Coaches. Through this process, we hope to incentivize youths to stay on track and become the kind of adults we want to see in the future.

One such brilliant student is Harry Haghany, the Club President at Tawheed Iranian International School Dubai, soon to be one of our next Forum Coaches. Under Harry's leadership in the past three years, TISB BWB students have dedicated their energy towards Climate Action by recycling plastic bottles and more. This year, the Club has grown to 20 members, thanks to Vice Presidents Pouya Mortezaei and Fatemeh Ghorbani's BWB Wall Art. From conducting Ecobites events where younger students were encouraged to eat healthy foods (SDG 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing) to participating in UAE's first Climate Ambassador Programme (SDG 13 - Climate Action) to proactively recycle waste in local malls (SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production), the BWB Club students at UAE have stepped up - no wonder that several of them have won seats on the internship teams.

BWB Clubs around the world, led by student leaders, have taken on issues that THEY want to address and share their solutions with teens across borders. Throughout the year, these young changemakers rolled up their sleeves, made contacts and content, and planted seeds of trees and goodwill. BWB Clubs' Local Action Projects have brought us closer to the Global Goals, one action and one friend at a time.

We would like to invite you to cast your vote for your favorite BWB Club. The best club, elected by your votes and evaluated by their participation in the BWB global connections throughout the year, will receive the 2024-2025 Club Scholarship. Please cast your vote by "liking" the club's endeavor in the People's Choice Award tab. Students have worked hard on their Year-End Report videos, so we encourage you to watch them all. You are welcome to vote for more than one club:

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