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From Corn Tortilla to Sticky Rice

One of the fun topics between friends in the BWB Clubs is: "what is the most popular traditional food in your country?" From corn tortillas to sticky rice to spaghetti to Injera to Naan, food is indeed a universal interest. On the other hand, the impact of food production and distribution is also a universal challenge.

In the October Forum, we want to challenge teens to think deeply about the tremendous global impact of this simple, basic human need and explore ways to reach the goal of Zero Hunger, Zero Waste.

How can we incorporate farms into cities so local fresh foods can reach consumers more easily? Urban agricultural designs, from hydroponics and aeroponic systems to community gardens and vertical farms, are just some of the innovative solutions that are available to us. What about circular food consumption? Instead of adding to landfill, how can we transform kitchen waste into compost, biogas, or animal feed? Finally, let's consider meal-sharing -from soup kitchens to "meals on wheels" to neighborhood potlucks, sharing food locally can be structured into community events and services to minimize waste while building connections among residents.

What will be your solution? Join us in the Zero Hunger Zero Waste Online Forum!

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