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Forum Competition Application Opens Today: Zero Hunger Zero Waste

When I heard that loads of excessive food in the buffet restaurants, school cafeterias, hospitality lounges and banquet halls are thrown out every day, I was surprised. When I found out that mountains of produce are burned so that the market price can be controlled, I was shocked. Meanwhile, I have seen people looking for food in the dumpsters, children going to school hungry, and long lines of people at soup kitchens.

It turns out that the cost of buying imported food is often lower than buying locally because of the natural environment and mass production technology, but the recent international conflicts have interrupted the supply chain and made us rethink the wisdom of relying on foreign support when it comes to the essentials.

The issues around Zero Hunger and Zero Waste are far and wide. It stems from inequality and leads to pollution. In October, students around the world are invited to join the forum to examine the problems in some of the most challenging countries and propose potential solutions based on research and innovative ideas. The application is open today. We hope your country will have a voice in the forum.

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