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For the First Time in Indonesia...

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Our purpose in creating BWB Clubs is to connect global-minded youth around the world as they design and implement local action projects for a better tomorrow in their communities.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have launched the very first BWB Club in Indonesia, led by Alessanda Corine Silapan, a passionate student from Binus School Simprug. From school fairs to club meetings, from brainstorming sessions to local action planning... the sky is the limit for the BWB Club in Indonesia:

"I strongly believe that by building bridges connecting us as humans, and by working together, regardless of race, religion, and tradition, we could engender a society that is fair and just for all, and a world wherein every single person is safe, respected, and accepted. Furthermore, I feel that I was given the opportunity to live so as to fulfill an honorable purpose, and that is to help anyone whom I could possibly provide my service and assistance to. The average global life expectancy as of 2022 is approximately 72.98 years; I wish to spend my 72.98 years helping as many people as I could, from simply being there for others when they're down, to make life-changing impacts on people. I wish to go from helping around in my local community, to changing lives globally, and I believe that the only way I could do so is by working with others who have the same dream as mine. I am very excited to begin working with everyone! " - Alessanda Corine Silapan

Please join us in welcoming Ale, Alia, Armand, Axel, Calvin, Catherine, Gabby, Haneta, Jaden, James, Jeremy, Kevin, Loretta, Michelle, Naura, Seline, Sharon, Shlok, Sukrit and Tavasya into our global community!

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