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Finding Stability From Within

Students walked out of classrooms in protest of not having enough safety measures against covid. Parents threatened school leaders for enforcing their kids to wear masks. Rules and guidelines change on the daily basis based on where, when, and whom you talk to.

Good health and well-being for the growing teens is an age-old challenge in any culture, but never before have they been asked to do so in physical isolation, under the influence of polarized social media, and with a potential consequence at a global scale.

How can we find peace and stability from within? What can teens do to create a new normal for themselves? What is their advice for their peers? Self-reliance and global connection are more important than ever as public health and personal well-being collide.

Applications are being submitted from the following countries, and we hope to create a diverse and balanced conversation from all corners of the world. Join us to embark on this journey of looking in while reaching out: A New Normal For Teens: Well-being at the TIme of Pandemic.

  • Cyprus

  • India

  • UK

  • Bolivia

  • UAE

  • Vietnam

  • Japan

  • Spain

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