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Final Push! Here Come the Panelists

More than a month ago, 70+ students from 30+ countries around the world decided to meet up and explore ideas to improve the well-being of teens. They work with teammates living in many time zones away, investigate the mental health situation of their peers in nations they may have known little about, and jointly come up with solutions that are creative, feasible, and appealing. All the while, each student reflects on what they are seeing and feeling throughout the Forum via a private journal.

What have they found about each other and about themselves? What would they propose -do they propose external solutions such as government funding and awareness campaigns? Or could the challenge be met by fixing what's within such as better sleep hygiene and the courage to ask for help? While there is no one answer, it is our hope that through these discussions, teens can come up with suggestions for others that can also inform their own behaviors and decisions.

This is the Final Push week. Starting April 17, we will feature one team each day until the Award Ceremony on May 1. To help us choose the best proposal are the seven panelists (from top left to bottom right):

  • Akerke Makhumd (Kazakhstan) - Consultant at WHO and is currently coordinating mental-health-related projects at King’s College in London (UK)

  • Kaitlin Serai (USA) - Coordinator at SKY Campus Happiness, International Association for Human Values (USA)

  • Andrew Hand (France) - Admissions and International Schools Outreach Officer and Advisory Board Member, Forward College (Portugal, Netherlands, France)

  • Sofana Marisse Rojas Vargas (Nicaragua) - Recruitment Counselor and Admission Officer / Undergraduate Students, Jacobs University (Germany)

  • Angolwisye (Ango) Paul Mwakisu (Tanzania) - Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions, NYU Abu Dhabi (UAE)

  • Elisa Melendez Martin (Spain) - Global Markets Director, IE University (Spain)

  • Taylor Nelson (USA) - Head of Marketing & Communications, Education Modernization, Meta (USA)

Thank you, judges! Please click here to see the full list of contributors to this Wellness Challenge for Teens to read about their biographies and philosophies.

The next Forum is around the corner. Did you know that simply by giving women their fair chance to work, our collective GDP will grow by $28 trillion dollars? The interest form is now open for The Best ROI: Women and the Economy.

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