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Exploring Down Under

As our program participants make friends across the borders as well as make inquiries into global goals, their curiosity does not stop there. For many, living, breathing and experiencing another part of the world is ultimately the truest way to gain new perspectives.

Studying abroad enables teens to experience the world as learners. They not only receive an education that will help shape their careers but also cultural influences that will make them the adults they ultimately become. We organize Destination Workshops to help teens to see the differences in the various educational institutions around the world. When they know better, they choose better.

This Saturday, April 2nd, Destination Workshops will focus on the Land of Down Under. We will explore what it is like to go to a university in Australia, a beautiful country known for the Great Barrier Reef and high-quality education. The person who will show us the way is Mr. Tod St Vrain from the University of Melbourne:

Todd St Vrain leads the North America office for the University of Melbourne, engaging with

future students with an interest to pursue studies at Australia’s leading university. A dual American-Australian citizen, his 30-year career has included working at high schools, universities and non-profits in the US, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica and Italy. Todd strongly believes in fostering young people’s identity as global citizens, enabling them to have international and intercultural experiences and encouraging them to serve their local communities.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Vrain!

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